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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before and After

"Before and After"

Before I was saved
I'd take a breath of air
And lie without blinking
Cause I didn't much care
How me being me
Hurt who He wanted me to be

Before I was saved
A sunset was just the refraction
Of light from afar
Yeah, it was pretty
But the sun was just another star

Before I was saved
I didn't care
About nothing and nobody nowhere
I just wanted to do me
I just kept breathing air

Now that I have Jesus
Now that He has me
Heaven's my promise
I Love and I see
God in the sunset
Christ in all who pass me by
Now I live for my Savior
Now I breathe sky.
          --- Rev. A. T. Graves II


The Bible contains history, prophecy, poetry, miracles, drama, etc. But there are two things the Bible does not contain: contradiction or coincidences. A look at the one of the conversion of Simon, aka Peter, prompts sharp consideration of that assertion. Peter is a character of many contradictions. In fact, his story is presented in 4 different versions across the Gospels. His inclusion in the fellowship of apostles seems to happen despite against all logic. Peter's journey from fisherman to apostle reveals principles that, if we are honest, are true of each of us.

Listen well as Pastor Anderson T. Graves II delivers the Word. You may learn something about the contradictions and "coincidences" in your own spiritual journey.


Many Christians like certain aspects of the gospel but not others. The gospel of the Jesus Christ as declared by the entire Bible is a message of duality. It offers encouragement and it evokes conviction. As illustrated by the lessons Jesus Himself taught in His hometown house of worship, the fullness of our walk with God lies in receiving both aspects of this message.

Listen as Pastor Anderson T. Graves II delivers the message: Encouragement & Conviction

Friday, February 12, 2010


Family and Friends: Closer to God and Closer to One Another
is the theme of our 2010 FAMILY & FRIENDS CELEBRATION. The special worship service will be Sunday, February 21, 2010, at 3:00 P.M. Our own Pastor Anderson T. Graves II will deliver the Word.

In fact, the celebration will encompass the entire day:

At 11 Sunday morning, Feb. 21st, instead of the usual morning service, put on your jeans and join us for a special prayer service and church-hour prayer walk.

We hope that you, our dear friends who are our family in Christ will join in worship with us Feb. 21st at 3 P.M., and as much as possible, share in the rest of the weekend celebration.

We are collecting medical supplies and non-perishable food items, which Rev. Winston Williams will deliver to the needy in Haiti on Feb. 24th.

For directions.  Click on the church picture above.  For more information call (334)288-0577 or e-mail