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Saturday, January 22, 2011

MUSICIAN'S APPRECIATION- Sunday, January 23rd, at 11 A.M.

God has greatly blessed Hall Memorial CME Church with 4 wonderful praise artists who have led our choirs & praise dance team to higher & higher levels of ministry.

This Sunday, we shine the light on their ministry and how God is using it to elevate His work.

Come be a part of the praise.

I'll deliver the Word & after the worship we'll have a reception in the Fellowship Hall.

We love you Dr. Archie Rowe, Mrs. Wilma Ross, Bro. Donell Carter, & Sis. Darnell Coley!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


There's a new commercial on cable tv. The idea is to convince us to watch more television by using the tagline of is "This stuff is good." Well tv's alright, but it's not that good. On the other hand, "This God is Good."

Learn why many people don't know, really don't know that God is good. Learn how we can know for certain that God is good & why an understanding of God's goodness is essential.
Our God is good.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Jesus Says Goes: A Lesson from Water into Wine

I didn't think that there could be anything else to say about the first of Jesus' miracles recorded in the gospels. 
But, the Holy Spirit showed me a new view.  There are lessons on organizing our conflicting priorities.  There is a character sketch of  Mary, the mother of Jesus, that shows a woman very different from the timid, mousy girl in most paintings.  There is an often ignored marker for the first seeds of the church.  And, there is a powerful Word of challenge for us today.  Listen and rejoice anew.